Who we are

e-Lectio is a leading online security training provider across a wide range of sectors including aviation, maritime, commercial facilities and data centres. As part of the ICTS Europe Group, we demonstrate an unmatched knowledge of the security market.

Through advanced technological resources and skilled, expert and experienced training professionals, we provide security online training solutions that address current and future challenges in the sectors we serve.

Having a first-hand understanding of the specialised needs of the sectors we work with, combined with access to operational know-how, we create tailor-made solutions that work as well in practice as on paper.

About ICTS Europe

Founded in 1982, ICTS Europe has long been a name synonymous with aviation security solutions and is a world leader in its field. Serving customers in the aviation, maritime and corporate sectors, ICTS is committed to the provision of quality services from design, through to development and integration.

Fast-growing and dynamic, with cutting-edge technology solutions that complement a wide range of services, ICTS attributes its continuing success to an uncompromising commitment to innovation and serving clients, with respect to their resources and objectives.

Building upon the continuing success of the Company, ICTS has developed a wide customer base, expanding its operations across Europe and worldwide. At present, ICTS Europe:

  • Comprises of 27 group members and partnerships
  • Operates in 81 locations across 24 countries around the world
  • Employs around 16,000 staff

ICTS Europe’s innovative security solutions have become industry benchmarks and they continue to invest in developing new solutions and setting new global standards.

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