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Part of the ICTS Europe group, e-Lectio is dedicated to the development and delivery of online training solutions to customers worldwide.

Delivered through a state-of-the-art Learning Management System and using advanced eLearning technologies, we are committed to the delivery of high-quality, regulation-compliant online content that meets the training requirements of every customer.

Our solutions are underpinned by the expertise of our market leading team which includes:

  • Security Experts Security Experts
  • Training Professionals Training Professionals
  • Certified Security Trainers Certified Security Trainers
  • Software Developers Software Developers
  • Content Developers Content Developers
  • Online Support Online Support
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Why choose e-Lectio?

e-Lectio is a leading security training provider with an unrivalled knowledge of the aviation market, we support training needs across a range of sectors including aviation, maritime data centres and other high security facilities.

We provide a variety of online training courses suited to all security positions and levels of expertise, including awareness training for non-security staff.

  • Dedicated to online training, e-Learning and computer-based x-ray training
  • Multilingual support across a wide range of our solutions
  • Proven in the development of regulated security eLearning solutions
  • World experts in x-ray simulation and image capturing
  • Rich library of eLearning modules
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Sectors we work in

  • Aviation Aviation
  • Maritime Maritime
  • Commercial Commercial
  • Data Centers Data Centers
  • High Security High Security
  • Correctional<br />
Facilities Correctional
Sectors we work in