New EU regulation requires Cyber Security Awareness Training

Posted on: 9th March 2022

EU regulation 2019/1583 entered into force in December 2021. The regulation decrees that all employees working in an airport environment, who have access to data or systems should be trained on cyber security awareness.

Many cyber-attacks are simply due to employee negligence, poor practices or a lack of general cyber awareness.

Managing this human factor is therefore key to protecting airports and other organizations from increased threat levels and attacks.

Our solution

CWARE is an interactive program created by aviation security experts for staff working in airports, that provides a cost-efficient means training and improving security levels and awareness.

Delivered on e-Lectio’s market leading e-Learning platform, CWARE provides the basic tools for preventing cyber-attacks.

After 20 minutes online, staff will be equipped with the know-how and tools to:

  • Understand cyber risks
  • Deploy best practice principles and avoid unnecessary risks
  • Understand and detect early warning signs of suspicious activity or cyber-attack and respond effectively

Progress reports are available on a live basis, and instantly ready for administrators and trainers to ensure compliance with the EU regulation.

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