Recruiting X-Ray Screeners?

Posted on: 23rd March 2022

Ensure you comply with the new EU regulation

EU regulation 2019/103 entered into force in December 2021.

The regulation decrees that the “abilities and aptitudes” of “persons being recruited to implement security controls shall be assessed during the recruitment process…”. Moreover, “recruitment records, including results of any assessment tests, shall be kept […]at least the duration of [the employees’] contract”.  (Section 11.1.9-11.1.10).

The CADET system from e-Lectio provides a secure, efficient and rapidly deployable solution that ensures full compliance to this important new regulation.

CADET is a computer-based, online assessment tool for measuring both cognitive and perceptual capabilities of prospective x-ray screener candidates.


Measured capabilities include:

  • Spatial perception
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Accurately reporting own errors
  • Analytic thinking
  • Accuracy and rapidity
  • Ability to differentiate between relevant and less relevant information

CADET provides recruiters with individual and statistical reports analysing candidates’ performance compared to a group and to a pre-tested test group, equipping decision makers with valuable decision critical data to inform the recruitment process.

CADET saves time and money on recruitment and screening processes, shortens on the job training, reduces employee turnover, and ensures full compliance with the latest EU regulation.

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