Eagle7 selected by Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency

Posted on: 20th January 2022

ICTS Europe’s Market Leading solution to support X-ray training of over 5,000 screeners

The Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI), is a department of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, responsible for detention of convicted individuals and for the day-to-day care of around 37,000 new detainees yearly and their rehabilitation. It has over 50 penitentiary facilities and employs over 13,000 staff, making it one of the biggest employers in the Netherlands.

The project was officially launched November 2021 and the system will be rolled out to the users by mid-December this year.

DJI has selected Eagle7 as its solution for online training and testing of its workforce of over 5,000 x-ray screeners. The project is delivered by eLectio, ICTS Europe’s subsidiary dedicated to online training solutions, in collaboration with its Dutch subsidiary, CTSN.

Eagle7 will be deployed as an online training solution, enabling DJI flexibility and scalability in facilitation training in dozens of different locations, while ensuring compliance and quality through reporting and control by the head office.

The Eagle7 software will be integrated with DJI’s Learning Management System to ensure single-sign-on and seamless user experience for the screeners, and data sharing capabilities for administrators at headquarters.

eLectio will support DJI in supplementing Eagle7’s extensive image library with new images of threat items that are unique to the correctional facility sector.

“We are excited to launch Eagle7 on such a large scale, supporting the training requirements of the Dutch government “, says Roberto Sergnese, General Manager of eLectio: “Eagle7 has been widely used in the transportation sectors – aviation, cargo and maritime – and it was only natural for us to extend further into the penitentiary facilities sector”.

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